When moving a computer to a different location in Automate the existing Third Wall policies will not be removed.

Before moving the computer please complete this step.

In Control Center, open the computer's properteis page and navigate to the Third Wall plugin. At the bottom right, under Utility, click the Except All button. Please wait at least 10 minutes for all Third Wall policies applied to the computer's current location to be removed / undone.

You can view the status by right clicking the Gear icon at the top middle of the properties page and click Commands. There you can see when the undo commands complete.

Once all commands have completed you can now move the computer to the new location.

Once moved, re-open the computer's properties page, navigate to the Third Wall plugin, and at the bottom right under Utility click Reset. This will remove all exceptions and the computer will inherit any Third Wall policies applied at the new location.