Begin by downloading the current release:

Once they have been downloaded, right-click each to make sure the file is not BLOCKED.  If you find it is, unblock the file.

Next, launch the Automate Plugin Manager.  Once open, press Advanced -> Manage Plugins -> Add Plugin.  This will result in a file dialogue prompt.  Point it to the ThirdWall.dll file just downloaded.  This will cause the 'Add a Plugin' window to appear

Important!  Make sure the 'Remote Agent' checkbox is checked.  When done, press the 'Save and Close button.

This will cause the Plugin Manager to update and you'll see a new line indicating the plugin is loaded but not enabled.  This is expected: 

Repeat the same process, this time the plugin to add is the ThirdWallServer.dll file.  Do not designate this file as a 'Remote Agent' as was done in the last step.  Press 'Save and Close' and you'll now have two new Third Wall plugin entries, both disabled:

Notice the green checks to the right of both titles.  ThirdWall.dll has one checkbox showing it is a 'Remote Agent', ThirdWallServer.dll has none.

Next, we need to enable both plugin.  Begin with ThirdWallServer; right-click the line and press 'Enable'

This will result in a prompt to restart the Database.  Select NO.

Do the same to ThirdWall.dll; right-click the file and press 'Enable'.  When prompted to restart the database agent, click 'No'.  When done, we will use the Plugin Manager to restart the database and push the remote agent to the endpoints.  Do this by pressing Advanced -> Reload Plugins -> Update Remote Agent Plugins.


If running Automate version 2021.1 or better, you must restart the IIS Service after installation or update.  To do this, press Help -> Server Status.  That will bring you to this screen:

From here, press the 'Reload IIS' button (highlighted) 

Congratulations!  You have just installed the Third Wall plugin on your Automate server.  Restart your Automate Control Center to access your new screens.

Important Notice2:

The Update Remote Agent Plugins command as suggested above may fail to issue the command to your endpoints.  Wait five minutes after issuing the command as recommended, above.  Then spot check some remote computers by checking the commands and ensuring the 'Update Plugins' command is either queued to run or has just run.

If it has not, then issue the command using an alternate method.  Right-click the 'All Agents' group and select Commands -> Remote Agent -> Update Plugins.

Third Wall is fully supported.  If you have questions on anything here, send a note to for assistance.